The Bloomsbury DTC has a limited amount of funding available to its students to contribute towards the costs of overseas fieldwork undertaken during the +3 element of the studentship period.

Overseas fieldwork will normally last for up to twelve months. In exceptional circumstances and when a strong case is made, it may be granted for up to a maximum of 18 months.

Which students are eligible?
Full-time ESRC-funded students at the Bloomsbury DTC who are in the +3 (or equivalent) element of their studies. Part-time students can become eligible for fieldwork funding if they transfer for a fixed period to full-time status for the duration of their fieldwork.

The Bloomsbury DTC will prioritise applications from students who indicated that they would be undertaking overseas fieldwork on their original studentship application.

Application documents
You must complete the Overseas Fieldwork Funding Application Form and have it signed by your supervisor. Then submit it to Alison Freeman, DTC Manager: alison.freeman@ucl.ac.uk.

You will be advised of the outcome of your application within 28 days of submitting it.

Bloomsbury DTC Overseas Fieldwork Funding Guidance Notes 2015-16

Bloomsbury DTC Overseas Fieldwork Funding Application Form 2015-16

Bloomsbury DTC Schedule of Funding Rates

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