Keen to promote the development of new forms of interdisciplinary exchange (both within the social sciences themselves, and between these and the natural sciences and/or arts and humanities), the ESRC has made additional funding available to support interdisciplinary initiatives. The Bloomsbury DTC board has used this to set up a scheme for small awards (normally no more than £3000) to help meet the costs of relevant activities.

Awards can be used for a variety of different outputs – to fund an interdisciplinary seminar series, a mini conference, a workshop that leads to some formal output such an online journal submission or any kind of exchange that enables students to work across disciplines. To encourage inventive ideas, there are no strict requirements on what purposes funding is sought for. The only two requirements are:

  • It fulfils the goal of promoting knowledge exchange across disciplines;
  • It is not aimed at simply supporting the work of an individual student – there must be wider potential benefit.


The Bloomsbury DTC invites applications from cluster leaders, current DTC studentship award holders and/or their supervisors for funding to support initiatives which promote interdisciplinary/ cross-disciplinary/ multidisciplinary exchange among DTC and other doctoral students. Preference will be given to applications which involve student-led activity.

This is an open funding scheme with no fixed closing date for applications – these may be submitted at any point during the coming academic year. Bids from groups of students and/or academics are warmly encouraged.

Details of how to apply are in the below. Please submit your application to Alison Freeman, DTC Manager: a.freeman@ioe.ac.uk

Bloomsbury DTC Interdisciplinary Funding Competition 2015-16