Sinead Rocha

My PhD investigates the development of rhythmic and synchronous movement to music in infancy, and examines the neural processes underlying this complex behaviour.

Supervisors: Prof. Denis Mareschal andDr. Vicky Southgate:

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Annie Brookman

I am investigating the neural and cognitive bases of scientific and mathematical reasoning in adolescents.

Supervisors: Dr Iroise Dumontheil, Prof Denis Mareschal and Prof Andy Tolmie

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Kate Hughes (+3 studentship)

I am investigating risk and protective factors that influence the likelihood of children aged 4 to 14 with Down syndrome, developing Alzheimer’s disease in later life.

Supervisors: Professor Annette Karmiloff-Smith and Dr Emma Meaburn

Renata Sadibolova 

My research project investigates how psychological processes, specifically the way in which we represent our own body, interact with autonomic control.

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