Mateusz Z Zatonski

My PhD research investigates the history of tobacco control in Central and Eastern Europe during the late Communist and early post-Communist period.

Supervisors: Professor Martin McKee and Dr Martin Gorsky

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Matthew Quaife

My research aims to explore how economic and econometric methods can be used to maximise the impact of HIV prevention programmes.

Supervisors: Dr Fern Terris-Prestholt and Professor Peter Vickerman

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Nicolas Berger

My PhD investigates how perceptions of the neighborhood environment influence physical activity in a multi-ethnic adolescent population.

Supervisors: Professor Steven Cummins

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Sabah Boufkhed

My PhD research aims at conceptualising ‘labour exploitation’ from a Public Health perspective, focusing on exploitation of migrants working in manual low-skilled jobs.

Supervisors: Dr Cathy Zimmerman and Dr Ligia Kiss

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Dr Maddy Gupta-Wright

This ethnographic research aims to develop a biosocial understanding of trachoma in Malawi.

Supervisors: Dr Melissa Parker and Dr Simon Cohn

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Natassia F. Brenman

My PhD research explores issues access to mental health services through an ethnography of voluntary sector care in London.

Supervisors: Dr Simon Cohn

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Hannah Cowan

Researching how the increase of private sector involvement and market-orientated policies in the English NHS will affect staff motivation and patient care.

Supervisors: Dr Simon Cohn and Professor Nicholas Mays

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