Emily F Henderson

My PhD project focuses on the manifestations and interpretations of gender in international higher education.

Supervisors: Professor Elaine Unterhalter and Dr Jenny Parkes

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Zayba Ghazali

My PhD research examines conceptual development of primary school children in areas of scientific thinking.

Supervisors: Professor Andy Tolmie and Dr Sue Dale Tunnicliffe

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Gideon Sappor

The Influence of Culture on the Organisation and Development of Self- Regulated Learning Skills

Supervisors: Professor Andy Tolmie

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Fiona Victory

I am interested in why governments change the language of instruction used within their state school systems.

Supervisors: Prof. Andy Green and Dr. Julia Sallabank:

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Felicity R Sedgewick

My research is examining gender differences in autism, focussing on the social experiences of autistic adolescents in secondary school.

Supervisors: Dr Elizabeth Pellicano and Dr Vivian Hill


Lorcan Kenny

I am interested in better understanding how autistic people employ certain cognitive abilities when they are interacting with the real-world.

Supervisors: Prof. Elizabeth Pellicano and Dr Anna Remington

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Emma Campbell

I am investigating the interaction between visuo-spatial processing and motor performance in children with developmental coordination disorder (DCD).

Supervisors: Prof. Emily Farran and Prof. Elizabeth Pellicano

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Leighanne Mayall

My research aims to develop the first complete motor profile for individuals with Williams Syndrome.

Supervisors: Prof. Emily Farran and Prof. Andy Tolmie

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Alex Hodgkiss

My research focuses on the relationship between visuo-spatial ability and science performance in primary school aged children.

Supervisors: Prof. Emily Farran, Prof. Michael Thomas and Prof. Andy Tolmie

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