Rubens Morita

The main goal of my research is to contribute both theoretically and empirically to the literature on MS, in particular for the case of time series dependent data.

Supervisors: Professor Haris Psaradakis and Professor Martin Sola

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Adiya Belgibayeva

Within the field of economics Adiya has been specializing in macroeconomics with a particular focus on the mortgage market, household debt and their interaction with monetary policies.

Supervisors: Professor John Driffill and Dr Yunus Aksoy

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Artour Danilov (+3 studentship)

Study of asset pricing, asset allocation within a dynamic general equilibrium framework.

Supervisors: Dr Yunus Aksoy and Dr Ivan Petrella


Lasse de la Porte Simonsen (+3 studentship)

Research interests include house Prices, cost of living and inflation dynamics

Supervisors: Professor Stephen Wright and Dr Ivan Petrella


Andrea Nocera (+3 studentship)

My research interests focus on Panel Time Series Analysis. In particular, the development of new estimation methodologies with applications to International Macro and Finance.

Supervisors: Professor Z. Psaradakis and Professor Ron Smith


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