Marina A.S Daniele

My PhD research project aims to test an intervention on male involvement to understand whether this is a useful strategy to improve care-seeking and promote healthy behaviours among postpartum women.

Supervisors: Dr Veronique Filippi

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Christopher Rentsch

The aim of my PhD research is to examine factors associated with successfully navigating the HIV care continuum in a rural community in Tanzania so that modifiable mediators of service uptake might be effectively targeted by interventions to improve accessibility.

Supervisors: Professor Basia Zaba and Dr Georges Reniers

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Laura J Brown

Guided by the evolutionary framework of life history theory, my research investigates whether environmental factors are pathways through which socioeconomic status (SES) effects on breastfeeding outcomes are mediated.

Supervisors: Dr Rebecca Sear and Dr David W Lawson:

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Benedetta Pongiglione

My research interests are in understanding health inequalities in the older population. More specifically, my PhD project is aimed at understanding inequalities in healthy ageing, focusing in particular on ageing with and without disability.

Supervisors: Professor Bianca De Stavola and Dr. George Ploubidis

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Onikepe Owolabi

My research focuses on the unsafe abortion in restrictive contexts.

Supervisors: Dr Veronique Filippi and Dr Jenny Cresswell

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Edward Morgan

The overall research aim of this project is to reconstruct child mortality trends in the Mwanza region of Northern Tanzania using historical parish data on communion and confirmation.

Supervisors: Dr Sarah Walters

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Sophie Hedges

My research investigates parental investment in education and children’s time allocation to work activities among Sukuma agro-pastoralists in Kisesa ward in northwestern Tanzania using both quantitative and qualitative methods.

Supervisors: David W. Lawson and Dr Rebecca Sear

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