Quantitative Methods

Lead Institution: Institute of Education
Partner Institution: LSHTM
Cluster Leader:   Professor Lorraine Dearden

 Competition for studentships for 2016 entry is now closed.

This cluster involves collaboration of the Department of Quantitative Social Science (QSS) and the Centre for Longitudinal Studies (CLS) at IOE and the Department of Medical Statistics at LSHTM. This expertise provides cutting-edge training, enabling students to address questions key to ESRC’s Research Challenges.

QSS and CLS specialise in applying Quantitative Methods (QM) to large, complex datasets to inform policy on education, labour markets, and adult/child well-being. CLS is an ESRC Resource centre managing three of Britain’s world-renowned birth cohorts: the 1958 National Child Development Study, the 1970 British Cohort Study, and the Millennium Cohort Study as well as the ESRC-sponsored Cohorts and Longitudinal Studies Enhancement (CLOSER) Resources programme, which is a collaboration between nine  separate cohorts and longitudinal studies. This aims to facilitate cross-cohort comparative work. We also have big research strengths in the economics of education and linked administrative survey data.

At LSHTM, the Department of Medic al Statistics is a centre for research into statistical methods for social and health science data, with an outstanding reputation for postgraduate and doctoral level teaching. Topics of expertise include missing data, longitudinal data, causal inference, and structural equation modelling.

Pathways in the Quantitative Methods cluster

Quantitative Research Methods (Education)

1+3 route:      MSc Quantitative Research Methods (Education) plus MPhil/PhD
+3 route:        MPhil/PhD
4 Year route:  Integrated PhD (Research training plus MPhil/PhD)

Quantitative Research Methods (Policy Analysis)

1+3 route:      MSc Quantitative Research Methods (Policy Analysis) plus MPhil/PhD
+3 route:        MPhil/PhD
4 Year route:  Integrated PhD (Research training plus MPhil/PhD)

Longitudinal Analysis and Design (Education)

+3 route:        MPhil/PhD
4 Year route:  Integrated PhD (Research training plus MPhil/PhD)


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