Lead Institution: London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Cluster Leaders: Lynda Clarke and Dr Rebecca Sear

 Competition for studentships for 2016 entry is now closed.

The Population Studies Group (PSG) in the Department of Population Health at LSHTM is engaged in the measurement and explanation of population trends and in the evaluation of attempts to modify them. It represents the largest research group in Britain concerned with demography, reproductive health research and related disciplines. The Group is active in research both in Britain, Europe and other developed countries, and in research on the developing world, where it has regional focus on sub-Saharan Africa and South-East Asia.

Demography PhD students at LSHTM are working on a diversity of topics in an interdisciplinary environment. It has strong programmes of research in ageing, maternal, reproductive and sexual health, the demographic impact and mathematical modelling of the AIDS epidemic in Africa, family demography, medical demography, global health, health inequalities, the burden of disease and indirect estimation.

Demography is integral to three of the ESRC’s Strategic Challenges: Social Stability and Exclusion, Lifecourse, Lifestyles and Health, and Environment and Human Behaviour.

Pathways in the Demography cluster


1+3 route:        MSc Demography and Health, followed by MPhil/PhD
1+3 route:        European Doctoral School of Demography programme plus MPhil/PhD
2+3 route:        MSc Demography and Health plus European Doctoral School of Demography                             programme plus MPhil/PhD
+3 route:          MPhil/PhD
4 Year route:  Modules from the MSc Demography and Health undertaken alongside the                             MPhil/PhD

Reproductive and Sexual Health Research

1+3 route:       MSc Reproductive and Sexual Health Research, followed by MPhil/PhD
+3 route:         MPhil/PhD
4 Year route: Modules from the MSc Reproductive and Sexual Health Research undertaken                            alongside the MPhil/PhD

For examples of current DTC research, take a look at student profiles from the Demography cluster