DTC Board

The DTC Board meets approximately six times per year and is responsible to the head of the partner colleges and to the ESRC for:

  • Oversight of the implementation and development of the strategic and operational objectives of the Bloomsbury DTC and monitoring achievement of these objectives;

  • Overall co-ordination of the operation of the Bloomsbury DTC;

  • Efficient financial and academic management of the DTC and studentships in accordance with ESRC policy;

  • Decisions relating to the allocation of studentships between colleges, clusters and pathways and final approval of awards to applicants;

  • Oversight of assurance of the quality and standards of research degree provision across the DTC, having regard to the regulations of each of the partner colleges and ESRC policy;

  • Oversight of institutional level accreditation and the articulation of the research training programmes within the strategic social research objectives of the ESRC, The Bloomsbury Colleges and the partner colleges;

  • The preparation of relevant documentation and data for ESRC and the partner colleges as they relate to ESRC-funded students;

  • Monitoring the progress of students to completion and the quality experienced and standards achieved by students.



Professor Andy Tolmie
Director of Bloomsbury DTC, UCL IOE

Deputy Chair

Dr Richard Freeman
Deputy Director of Bloomsbury DTC, UCL IOE

Representatives from partner colleges                                                             

Professor Julian Swann
Professor of Early Modern History, Birkbeck

Dr Simon Cohn
Research Director of Public Health and Policy, LSHTM

Professor Richard Fardon
Head of Doctoral School, SOAS

Professor Martin Oliver
Head of Centre for Doctoral Education, UCL IOE

In attendance                                                                                                               

Alison Freeman
Bloomsbury DTC Manager, UCL IOE

Issy Jerome
Bloomsbury DTC Administrator, UCL IOE